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All the equipment for Korosten MDF Plant is supplied and assembled by Simpelkamp from Germany and that is the guarantee of the products stable quality.
The physical-mechanical properties of the MDF panels meet the highest world standards. Only advanced European technologies are used in the production of MDF boards. 

The clients and partners will receive qualified and conscientious service as well as the shortest terms of orders fulfillment.  

Art-Progres LLC manages the erection of the first MDF and HDF Plant in Ukraine. The supplier of the equipment for a new plant is a well-known German company Siempelkamp – the world leader in the development and construction of machinery and plants for the production of board-type materials for the woodworking industry. 

Geographical location of a new plant – town of Korosten, Zhitomir region, Ukraine  

The erection of the Plant started in June 2009 and the production of the first board is scheduled for august 2010. The ultimate output (900 m³ per day) is scheduled to be reached in autumn 2010 with the annual Plant production capacity of 300,000 m³ of board-type materials.    





Требуются услуги по автоперевозке древесины

ПрАТ «Коростенский завод МДФ» в связи с запуском на полную мощность производства плит МДФ   с апреля 2011 предлагает автоперевозчикам выполнить перевозку древесного сырья (важно: длина бревен 2 м) со складов лесозаготовительных предприятий Житомирской, Киевской, Винницкой и др. обл ...


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