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MDF has the following advantages over alternative materials:  


- Стоимость плит МДФ как минимум на 60-70% дешевле натурального дерева.
- The cost of MDF is 60-70% lower than the cost of the natural wood. 

Physical-mechanical properties

- in spite of the lower cost MDF surpasses natural wood with physical-mechanical properties as MDF is free of internal defects of the natural wood such as knots, cracks, etc. The hardness of the MDF is higher than any type of the natural wood.  
- MDF is not casting, has higher density and does not possess polythickness
- MDF is notable for the even distribution of its properties along the whole body of the panel
- Durability and strength. MDF panels possesses high strength ability, they don’t lose their shape and firmly hold screws and nails.

 The strength of the MDF is 1.8-2 times higher than particle board.  

- MDF swelling factor is several times lower as compared with particle board
- MDF panels have minimum difference in panel sizes and thickness 
- MDF does not lose its form under sharp temperature drop 
- MDF does not crumble

Moisture resistance, stability to temperature fluctuations 

- Thanks to its high moisture resistance MDF is widely used for kitchen and bathroom furniture production. Under the influence of steam the furniture made of MDF does not warp.

High Level of thermal insulating properties

For thermal insulating properties MDF panels of 12 mm thickness are equal to the brick wall of 150 mm and reinforced concrete panel of 260 mm thickness. 

High Level of acoustic insulation

MDF panels have high level of acoustic insulation

Manufacturability, which widens the space to implement designers’ decisions   
- MDF is easily laminated and veneered thanks to its ideal plane surface as opposed to particle board
- MDF is easily and economically painted thanks to its ideal plane surface which absorbs less paint as opposed to particle board 
- MDF could be used for the surface embossment which is impossible with the particle board
- MDF could be used for edge, angle and surface milling which is impossible with the particle board. This allows to give MDF parts different shape and form and widens the possibilities of their usage.      
- MDF could be used for bended surfaces which is impossible with the particle board. MDF workpiece bending technology resembles the one for natural wood and plywood.  
- thanks to its higher hardness MDF holds the furniture fittings much better than particle board
- MDF is essential when high density is needed for the fastening of the hinged elements    

Ecological compatibility

- MDF in spite of its low price is close to the natural wood on its ecological properties;
- MDF possesses higher ecological compatibility against particle board due to the low emission of formaldehyde. So MDF is recommended to use for the production of kitchen and baby furniturte.


- MDF is resistant to different funguses and germs which makes MDF hygienic and safe material in everyday life. 
Fire Safety
- MDF is a heavy inflammable material

Packing and Transportation
Physical-mechanical properties
Benefits of MDF
Unlike MDF of chipboard and fiberboard
MDF Treatment


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